Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Classroom Management Strategies in the High School

Types of High-Risk Behaviors
  • Passive – Behavior that avoids the domination of others or the pain of negative experience.
  • Aggressive – Behavior that overpowers, dominates, harms or controls others without regard for their well-being. The child has often taken aggressive people as role models and has had minimal or ineffective limits set on behavior.
  • Attention Problems – Behavior demonstrates either motor or attentional difficulties surfacing as hyperactive or inattentive behavior.
  • Perfectionist – Behavior that is geared toward avoiding embarrassment and assumed shame from making mistakes. The child has unrealistically high expectation of self.
  • Socially Inept – Behavior that is based on the misinterpretation of nonverbal signals of others. The child misunderstands facial expressions and body language.           

Setting Classroom Rules Early

Take time at the beginning of the year to set classroom rules. Engaging the students in the process of determining class riles and expectations creates a positive environment from the start.

Cool Down Time
  • Allow for cool down time when a student feels angry or upset.
  • Designate an area of the classroom at the beginning of the year and explain that it is for any student who needs a moment to cool down, calm down or just needs a quiet space.
Reflective Essay
  • In some cases, it might be helpful to assign a reflective essay after an incident. Ask the student to (1) identify their role in the conflict, (2) discuss other’s role in the conflict, (3) identify at least one idea to resolve the current problem, and (4) how in the future can the student prevent the behaviors from reoccurring.

Behavior Management Strategy: Group Time/Community Building
  • Group time can be used to effectively deal with student’s negative and disruptive behavior by building and strengthening student's social skills and self regulation while developing caring and supportive relationships among students.
  • By building a sense of community within the classroom the teacher promotes feelings of concern and respect among classmates, ideally leading to a less disruptive atmosphere.

“Face-Saving Out”
  • Another strategy for a teacher is the “face-saving out”.  This could be used as a last resort before a student is asked to come to the counselor’s office or other disciplinary measures.
  • The idea is to ask the student directly right after the incident if there is anything they can change to stay in the classroom.
  • Allowing the student a second chance shows a positive, trusting relationship and that the student is being treated with respect.  Hopefully, students will come up with realistic solutions when confronted with a second chance.


Classroom Management and How We Can Help!
  • When applied correctly, effective classroom management strategies can assist students across a range of behaviors and all developmental levels.
  • Good strategies can help effective manage student’s behavior and ability to learn because they promote and strengthen social and emotional development, which can lead to academic success.
  • As with therapeutic interventions, building and maintaining a positive relationship with your students in the classroom and school setting is important to make a difference in their lives.
  • Positive approaches, rather than punitive responses, to their misbehavior emphasizes social learning, problem solving skills, and positive self worth.
  • Rewarding positive behaviors when a student is showing appropriate social and academic behaviors strengthens students’ feelings of a positive, trusting relationship with teachers.

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