Monday, February 29, 2016

Multiple Intelligence: Upper Elementary School

Topic: Understanding the 9 multiple intelligences

Grade Level: 5th & 6th grade


  • Powerpoint
  • Prints of multiple intelligences
  • Scavenger hunt sheet printed
  • Pens 
Rationale and purpose for the lesson: The overarching questions covered in the guidance lesson include the following:
  • What is your most effective learning style?
  • Which multiple intelligence best defines you?
In order to answer these questions, the students will learn and comprehend each intelligence through a brief presentation and activity. During the activity, the students will spend more time understanding their own learning styles, along with the learning styles of their peers. The activity will help the students begin thinking about the ways they learn best and how it is possible to work well within several multiple intelligences. An objective from the activity will include students being aware and capable of articulating and advocating for their learning style. We will teach the students about each learning style, have them discover the learning styles of their classmates and encourage them to advocate for their learning style based on the information they learned about the multiple intelligences. We will know that the learning objectives have been met when the students stand up according to their learning style.

Objective: Understanding what each students most effective learning style based on the 9 multiple intelligences.

Previous Knowledge: Ask students how they learn best and write responses on the board. 

Create AnticipationEach student participating reading about the multiple intelligences and let them know that we will be doing a scavenger hunt to find peers with all of these awesome new intelligences we learned. Anticipation will be created through building excitement about discovering the individual learning styles of each student.

  1.  Students each have a printed copy of the multiple intelligence definitions to read aloud to the class
  2. Answer any questions concerning the multiple intelligence
  3. Hand out scavenger hunt sheet
  4. Find peers to sign the line of multiple intelligence that fits them best
  5. Have student identify multiple intelligence that fits them best
  6. Have student get in groups according to their multiple intelligence 
Meeting objectives: Class will discover that some peers have different learning styles as them self and others have the same, and they are all important. 

Engagement: Games, participation and interaction with each other will keep them engaged

Assessment/Evaluation: The lesson will begin by posing the following question to the class: how do you learn best? It is anticipated that some students will know how they learn best and others will not know. After participating in the presentation and activity, students will be asked the same question and by referring to their activity sheet, all students should be able to answer the question. We will address that students may have more than one intelligence. Along with answering the pre and post question, learning will be assessed through the classroom activity where students stand up to convey their multiple intelligences. Students will relate today’s lesson to how they learn best in class and create more self-awareness. They will have a new vocabulary for advocating for their learning style.
Closing and Follow up: 

Independent practice:  Students are encouraged to rely on peers for help with different intelligence skills than their own. 

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