Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Classroom Management: High School Edition

One of the most difficult parts of creating a successful learning environment at the high school level is the implementation of effective classroom management. A person would be remiss to assume classroom management is a skill only teachers need to possess. Rather, school counselors can be advocates for both teachers and students through knowing a variety of strategies for helping students in the classroom. Teachers can benefit from fresh ideas, and students can benefit from strategies which tailor discipline to that student’s specific needs. Below you will find a Prezi presentation which further elaborates on potential problems teachers and students might face in the learning environment as well as tips and techniques for alleviating those problems and helping students thrive.

Of particular note is the solution-focus of this presentation. We believe that when too much time and effort is exerted focusing on the “problem” behaviors of students, no one wins. By contrast, concentrating on and capitalizing on a student’s strengths helps students, teachers, administrators, and school counselors alike.  

Please enjoy!

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