Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Guidance Lesson: Personal Space

Guidance Lesson: Personal Space
Topic: Personal Space Camp
Grade Level: Kindergarten- 5th Special Education
Rational and purpose: This lesson is aimed at students who are enrolled in special education classes and struggling with knowing their personal space. Giving students the knowledge to understand what is appropriate in regards to their own space, adult’s space and their classmate’s space will help ensure a safe school environment. Students will listen to the counselor read a book on personal space, work on an interactive worksheet, and receive a certificate at the end.

Objective: Students will understand the meaning of personal space and what it means to keep their own personal space and invading other people’s personal space.

Previous Knowledge: Students have been given rules/parameters before, but need clarification and further discussion on what is appropriate and not at the school.

 I will assess previous knowledge with a pre-test question, “What is personal space?” and I will write the answers up on the board.

Developmental Learning Activities designed to meet the objective(s):
·         Pre-test
·         Read the book “Personal Space Camp” by Julia Cook
·         Emphasize the main points in the book to the class such as, different types of personal space and ways to determine if they are invading someone’s personal space.
·         Tell students to return to their seats and together complete the worksheet by gluing the responses in the correct columns.
·         Ask students to read the scenarios and as a class, decide which column it goes in. This is a great learning opportunity and reiteration of what the book explained.
·         Color the space protector that states, “Be a space protector, not a space invader”
·         Complete the classroom certificate!  
·         ** See attached worksheet**

This guidance lesson is intentionally designed to be fun, easy, and educational, while also incorporating all learning styles for students in a special education classroom grades K-5. This lesson incorporates diverse learning styles by doing different activities such as reading, listening, hands on learning with gluing and coloring and classroom interaction with question and answer.

Assessment/Evaluation: I will complete the worksheet with the students as we go over the correct answers as a class. By finishing the worksheet and going over the main points at the end will give me the knowledge that they understand the objectives. I will collect this data by taking a picture of the student’s answers on the board at the beginning of the lesson and collecting the student’s worksheets to document their understanding as well.

Summarize: Before each student receives their certificate, have each student give an example of what good personal space looks like and how they will work on their own personal space during school. This will reiterate what they have already learned and make it personal for each student. 

Closing and Follow up: Challenge the students in the hallways and when I am in the classroom to make sure they are using their skills that were learned. You may ask a student, “how have you used good personal space today?” Check up with homeroom teacher to see how they are incorporating their skills in other areas of learning.

·         Book: “Personal Space Camp” By Julia Cook
·         Worksheets
§  Scenarios with two column worksheet
§  Space Invader
§  Certificate
·         Markers
·         Glue

This guidance lesson will take 30-45 minutes depending on how many students are in the class. This lesson is great for teaching personal space to students who are having trouble both at school and at home. By using different tools to hit every learning style, the students will understand the lesson and have a fun time with it as well. Leaving the class with a certificate to hang in the classroom can be used as a reminder for when personal space is becoming a problem. 

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