Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Steps For Success: 6th Grade

Rationale and clear purpose for the unit or lesson (it’s a summary of your group planning): We are going to be discussing steps for success with students. As a result of this lesson, students will understand how to set goals and what steps they will have to take to achieve them. They will also learn the steps model for success and how one part of the planning process effects the overall goal.  Students will be given worksheets with the steps on them in which they will write their goal at the top and then the steps needed to achieve the said goal. They will work with a classmate to understand and discuss their goals. Students will be able to have this to take away from the lesson with them as a guide and reference and can use it when setting goals in the future. As a result of this lesson, we want students to be able to know and understand how to set clear, concise goals and plan for the future of what they want to achieve during middle school and beyond. To show students how to do this, we will lead the activity by writing the steps on the board while they write their goals on their paper and discuss the best way to set a plan that will lead them to success.

Applicable standard(s), objective(s), competency(ies): 
1.     Students will gain the knowledge and ability to set clear goals and to make a successful plan to achieve those goals. 

2.     Students will learn how to collaborate with classmates about the ways in which they are able to follow and focus on their plans/goals. 

3.     Students will designate a person who will help them accomplish their goals.

·       Overview: Teach students how to make plans that result in successful goals and accomplishments and using the step-by-step approach to the planning of the goals. 
·       Activate previous knowledge: Discuss with students successful goals they have accomplished in the past and examine what lead to their success.
·       Create anticipation – Students will told about the reward, i.e. cookies, they will receive after the lesson as long as they are engaged and participate in the discussion.

Developmental Learning Activities designed to meet the objective(s)
·       The activities for the counselor will consist of leading a discussion and drawing the model on the board, while the students copy the model on their own papers.  Students will work with their peers to discuss their goals and come up with plans to meet those goals.  At the end of the lesson, the school counselor will pull out necessary ingredients for the students to be able to see what goes into a good recipe.  
·       The objective of the recipe is to show the students that proper planning will lead to successful goals, in the same manner you need the correct ingredients to make a recipe come out correctly. The Steps Model gives students a clear picture and imaginary to see how to obtain their goals.
·       Students will remain engaged because they will actively work with their peers to form their own goals.  The students will enjoy when the counselor makes the recipes overflow onto the table.

·       We will have students share their goals with the rest of the class and the steps they followed and wrote down at the completion of the activity to assess whether they understood the lesson.  Students will be given examples of goals by the school counselor and will be asked to fill in the steps to make the goals possible.
·       To ensure everyone is understanding the lesson correctly, students will be given opportunities throughout the lesson to ask questions to clarify anything they do not understand.

Closing and Follow up
·       Encourage the students to come up with other goals on their own time and if they need assistance or have questions let them know that the school counselor is available to assist them.  Students will also be required to keep their goals with them and assess how they are accomplishing their goals/plans throughout the year. 

·       1 measuring cup
·       Flour
·       Sugar
·       Baking soda
·       Cookies for students
·       Worksheets with steps filled out for students.
·       Visual aids for what makes a successful goal.

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