Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Teasing" Guidance Lesson (2nd grade)

Simon’s Hook
A Guidance Lesson on Teasing

In this lesson, the counselor reads the book Simon’s Hook to the class.  This is followed by an art activity where students color their own fish utilizing one of the strategies discussed in the book.  As a follow up lesson, students could even role play the strategies in order to gain practice utilizing them.

Teasing and bullying is an act that is seen throughout many schools, from elementary, to middle, to high school. The purpose of this guidance lesson is to take a preventative measure against teasing by educating students on how they can handle teasing and the actions they can take in the face of it. Extending it further, this guidance lesson is intended to be a precursor and foundation builder for eventual anti-bullying lessons.

Simon’s Hook Guidance Lesson 

Fish Coloring Picture 

Word Bubble Handout 
Helpful hints:
  • Separate this lesson into two separate lessons: one lesson for reading the book and the other for completing the art activity.
  • It takes some time to read the entire book.  Cut down on some of the reading to only what is necessary for the story and the lesson.  That way, the students do not have to sit and be stationary as long.
  • Follow up the first two guidance lessons with a third lesson consisting of role playing the strategies.  That way the students can also practice utilizing the skills.
  • Make a small poster board, consisting of words and pictures, of the discussed strategies.  This can be hung up in the classroom for students to regularly see.  
  • Hang up the students’ art work for other to see and learn from!

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