Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bringing FUN back into the classroom

So why not make the process FUN
Inspired by a conference breakout session on pairing learning with fun, our program has begun a shift towards adding more elements of fun into individual assignments, group projects, and in-class activities. 

Presentations on Behavior Management were the first assignment to undergo this transition. Designed by groups of students in the program, these PowerPoint presentations were initially set to be shared with the class in a traditional presentation-style manner. Instead, the groups were asked to recite the information they had compiled to the tune of a classic nursery rhyme and then perform their creation to the class. Prepare to experience both learning and joy simultaneously as you hear about the elements of Behavior Management to one of your favorite childhood songs. 

Behavior Management in the Elementary School Setting
(To the tune of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Learning behavior management
You can do it too
Whenever kids blow out
The teachers always shout
“Counselors come and help me out!”
Da da da da……
Learning behavior management
Here are some skills for you
Use calm down strategies
And consistency
We’ll help get you in your upstairs brai
Da da da da……
Learning behavior management
Clear expectations help
Use positive reinforcement
And give your brain a break
That’s all we have for you!
Da da da da…..

Behavior Management in the Middle School Setting
(To the tune of Old McDonald had a Farm

At our school we have some students 
Every single day 
And these students need our help 
Every single day 

With an absence here 
And a tardy there 
Fail a test 
Start a fight 
Something is not going right 


With a write up here 
And some attention there 
Here a glow 
There a grow 
Reinforcement shows we care 


With a call out here 
And a call back there 
Hear a rule 
Use a tool 
Knowing rules, at our school 


With a pride card here 
And a kind word there 
 Here a deed 
There a praise 
Three of these for every glare 

Chorus (final time) 

Behavior Management in the High School Setting
(To the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Behavior management

Is important in our schools
Focus on solutions
Cause we are really cool
We find the roots of problems
And focus on kids strengths
Because praise and encouragement 
can go to any length

The cranky-wanky student
Came into school today
Yelled at the teacher
And then got sent away
Talked to the counselor
And cleared up his brain
Then the not-so cranky student
Went back to class again

Students get distracted
And interrupt the class
Well-timed interventions
Will help them stay on task
Allow them to get up
And praise the proper way
This way students can now focus
And they can learn all day

These are examples of
support that we provide
Counselors, teachers, students
Are all on the same side
We advocate, collaborate, 
and stay consistent, too
So that students are successful
And school is not a zoo

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