Friday, October 23, 2015

Guidance Lesson: Glitter & Gossip in High School

“Great people talk about ideas; ordinary people talk about things; small-minded people talk about other people”. -Unknown


The purpose of this lesson is to teach students about gossip, rumors and perspective. Not all students have a clear understanding of rumors and their impact on others. This lesson provides a hands-on example of how messy gossip can be. This lesson can be easily adapted for any age group.

Materials Needed for Lesson: 

Bottle of fine, loose glitter; Prize for Students; Paper/Board for writing classroom ideas

Time Required

30 Minutes

  1. Write “GOSSIP” on the board. Have the class define gossip and talk about what it means to them. Record answers on the board.
  2. Ask the students if they have ever had a rumor spread about them and if they have ever heard a rumor about someone else.
  3. Choose 5 students to stand at the front of the room to perform a task. Offer the students a prize for completing the task within 5 minutes.
    1. Pour a handful of glitter into the first student’s hand. Ask the student to pass the glitter down the line of students without getting any glitter on the floor or desk and without leaving any glitter on any of their hands. In order to get the prize the students must complete the task by putting the glitter back into the jar it started in.
  4. Discussion 
    1. How is gossip like glitter?
  5. Truth v. Lie Activity
    1. Have students pair up and come up with two true statements and one lie about them as a pair and share them with the class. Ask the class to determine which statements are true and which is false.
  6. Standing in another’s shoes (perspective)
    1. Discuss with students what it might feel like to be the subject of a rumor and why someone might spread rumors in the first place.
    2. Have students come up with ideas on how to prevent or stop gossip in their school.
  7. Final Discussion
    1. Revisit GOSSIP on the board and add anything new the students come up with.
    2. What does the following quote mean to you? “Who gossips to you will gossip of you.”
    3. How do you pledge to stop gossip, rumors, and name-calling in school?

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