Monday, October 5, 2015

Guidance Lesson: Time Management & Task Estimation (7th Grade - 8th Grade Middle School)

The purpose of this lesson plan is to teach students time management skills and techniques.  Time management skills will not only assist students in their education, but it will also assist students in other aspects of their life. Special education students can use these strategies to help them complete their work on time and accurately.  
Instruction Strategies:
Teachers need to be aware of their students’ developmental levels and know what each student is capable of. Different students will process information at different rates. Educators for these students have to make sure everyone understands the information before moving forward. These teachers also have to be sure to not do this lesson with students who have more dire needs or different areas of concern. This lesson would not be good for a developmentally impaired class where students are not able to write.
Lesson Objectives:
  1. Students will adequately learn how long it will take them to complete assignments and tasks. 
  2. Students will understand the importance of time management and will develop strategies to help them with time management throughout the school year.
  3. Students will be able to identify the various steps needed to complete certain tasks and activities.  

  • One stop-watch per student (this may not be possible in schools with large class sizes).
  • Task Analysis and Time Estimation Sheet
  • Take-home sheet 
  • Mid & Post Assessment

Lesson Plan:
  1. Assist students set their stop watches to 0.00. 
  2. Explain the lesson and what the task analysis sheet is meant to do. 
  3. Select a task and have students estimate how long it will take them to complete it.
  4. Have students do the selected task and write down how long it took for them to complete it. Students will time themselves with the stopwatch.
  5. Have students figure out the difference between their estimated time and their actual time needed to complete the task. 
  6. Walk students through the steps needed to complete a certain task, helping them decide how long a task may actually take.
  7. Begin the lesson again with another activity.

This lesson can be used to help students understand the importance of good time management skills in their lives. This will help prepare them for life after their school years and will help them in each area of daily life. For students in special education, these skills can be used effectively to help them finish assignments completely and be able to achieve tasks just like any other student. 


Newhall, P. W. (2008). Teaching Time Management to Students with Learning Disabilities. Adapted from Study Skills: Research-Based Teaching Strategies. Prides Crossing, MA: Landmark School, 28-31.

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